Devil Returns From War T-Shirt

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Organic cotton jersey t-shirt with print of ceramic figure by Nick Cave


T-Shirt featuring graphic representation of the ceramic figure Devil Returns From the War.
The figure is part of a series of 17 ceramic figures titled The Devil – A Life, created by Nick Cave in 2020-2022.

“You know, at night, when I try to sleep, I close my eyes and see the figurines parading by in sequence – the newborn Devil nestled against the foal, the infant with his ball of fire, the child holding the red monkey, the Devil seducing the girl,

the Devil riding off to war through a field of flowers, and then returning on a black horse down a road of skulls, on and on they go, the Devil with his bride and the golden rabbit, the Devil sacrificing the child on the altar, the Devil separated from the world,

on and on, the Devil sitting on a wall, his tears pooling around his feet, his chilling, operatic death, and at last his body washed up on a beach, a child crouched by his side reaching out a hand in forgiveness.

This procession makes a certain sense and brings me enormous comfort. It draws my own story out of the darkness, out of the chaos, to stand in testament to something. It brings an order to the world and a kind of peace.”

- Nick Cave

Cave Things T-shirts are made with 100% organic cotton and are produced in Portugal for a lower environmental impact. They are custom made with a bespoke fit designed for Cave Things.

Material: Organic cotton
Colour: White
Fit: Unisex
Print: Classic silkscreen print