Cave Things is a shop that sells playful, mysterious, subversive things that are designed, drawn, written or recorded by Nick Cave. It’s a store to buy beautiful objects and strange gifts; from jewellery to tea sets, from t-shirts to stationery. It’s a home for books and recordings that sit in a place entirely of their own.

‘I am essentially a songwriter. Yet, people who understand my stuff know that it doesn’t end there. Cave Things are the incidental residue of an over-stimulated mind - when the pressure of songwriting gets too much, well, I draw a cute animal or a naked woman or a religious icon or a mythological creature or something. Or I take a Polaroid, or make something out of clay. I do a collage, or write a child’s poem and date stamp and sticker it, or do some granny-art with a set of watercolour paints. The result—Cave Things.’
Nick Cave, 2020 

Since its tentative launch in 2020 with a modest range of erratically selected items, the world of Cave Things has jubilantly expanded to include recordings, books and even fashion collaborations, as well as occasionally stocking ‘Chosen Things’ - books and records hand-picked by Nick Cave.