Hyatt Girls Wallpaper


Wallpaper with drawings by Nick Cave.

Wallpaper in pink with drawings by Nick Cave. Featuring ‘The Hyatt Girls’, a series of beautiful and provocative doodles of women from 2006

‘Queen Victoria doodled horses, Mark Twain doodled whales, Claude Monet doodled paintbrushes, I doodle naked women. I am compelled to draw them. Mostly, I draw them sitting at a desk in hotel rooms on hotel stationery.’

- Nick Cave

Size: 50 cm x 10 m
Print: Digital print
Material: 150g non-woven wallcovering
Applied directly to the wall. No soaking needed.

Please note: This product is a print on demand product that will ship directly from the wallpaper manufacture. Estimated delivery time: 3 weeks. Additional shipping cost will be applied for other products purchased.