Head High T-shirt

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Cave Things unisex organic cotton t-shirt with slogan design by Nick Cave, featuring a statement - and lesson to live life by - from Nick Cave’s Mum.


‘One piece of advice my mother gave me some years ago that affected me deeply and was of enormous practical value in my life. I can’t tell you how often I have brought it to mind and acted accordingly, and how much strength and moral fortitude it has afforded me.

I had been awarded an honorary doctorate by Monash University in Melbourne and my mother accompanied me to the university to receive it. I was feeling a little intimidated by the whole thing because I was stepping out of my rock’n’roll comfort zone, in-to the academic sphere and the whole affair had me feeling quite uncomfortable. I mentioned this to my mother, and we stepped out of the car into the university grounds, she said, “ Head high and fuck ‘em all.”’

Nick Cave

Cave Things T-shirts are made with 100% organic cotton and are produced in Portugal for a lower environmental impact. They are custom made with a bespoke fit designed for Cave Things.

Material: Organic cotton
Colour: White
Fit: Unisex
Print: Classic silkscreen print