Sad Waters Art Print


Art print featuring Sad Waters lyrics draft by Nick Cave.

Art print of the first draft of ‘Sad Waters’ with drawings and lyrics by Nick Cave. This is the first draft of the song, written in Berlin c1985.

`Sad Waters was written in Kreuzberg, Berlin in the mid-80s, but is a 'memory-song' set at the riverbank from my childhood in Wangaratta, Australia. It is part fiction, part fact, as most memory-songs are. There was a river, a willow tree and a girl—the rest is imagined. The first two lines —
Hair of gold and lips like cherries are, of course, taken from Green, Green Grass of Home, the classic American ballad of a prisoner awaiting execution.

This art print is the very first attempt at the writing of Sad Waters.´

- Nick Cave

Size: 40 cm x 50 cm
Print: Exclusive off-set print by Something Else
Paper: Zen Pure White, uncoated art print paper, 350gsm

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