Head High And Fuck 'em All Cashmere Jumper

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100% Cashmere crew neck jumper with quote by Nick Cave's mum. Designed by Bella Freud and Nick Cave.

`I met my wife, Susie, at one of Bella’s shows twenty-five years ago. She is a very dear friend and, as far as Susie and I are concerned, also the best British designer out there. For Cave Things to collaborate with Bella on something was just a logical extension of a deep friendship.

I went to Bella with an idea — that we do a beautiful cashmere jumper, in Bella’s signature style, with the piece of profoundly useful advice my mother gave to me some years ago when I was faced with a difficult situation —

“Head high and fuck ‘em all.”

Bella loved the idea and approached it with her customary Freudian energy. We wanted the jumper black and the words stark. And there you have it—not only a beautiful jumper, but also a helpful message to guide us through our lives, courtesy of my dear mother.´

- Nick Cave

Material: 100% Cashmere
Colour: Black
Fit: Unisex
Care: Dry clean only