Melancholy - The Little Book Of Lost Gloves


Book featuring 100 lost glove Polaroids by Nick Cave photographed in the period from 3rd of March 2018 to 27th of March 2021.

`In January 2018, near to my home in Brighton, I found a red woolen child’s glove hanging over a sign that said ‘Church Place’. I took a photograph of it with a Polaroid app on my iPhone. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but later that night as I was reviewing my day’s photographs, I felt its melancholy pulse and was pleased with it. The next day I passed a tan leather glove that had been placed on a railing in my street, and once again photographed it. These images began an impulse to photograph every lost glove I came upon.`

- Nick Cave

Published by Cave Things
Foreword by Nick Cave
Size: 14,35 x 17,5 cm (hardcover)
Number of pages: 204
Printed and bound in Denmark by Narayana Press

Please note: This product is also available in a special edition including a limited edition original Lost Glove Polaroid