Crucifixion Art Print


Art print featuring painting by Anita Lane, 1982.

Art print of a painting by singer, songwriter and Birthday Party and Bad Seeds collaborator, Anita Lane. ‘Crucifixion’ was printed in Denmark by the monks at the Naryana Press. The original was featured in ‘Stranger Than Kindness: The Nick Cave Exhibition’.

`I met Anita Lane in 1977. We went to separate art schools in Melbourne and we met at a party and just sort of clicked. Anita was a rule breaker and a troublemaker and I consider her to be one of the original and founding members of The Bad Seeds, even though she never played a note with the band — because she had the best ideas, the great ideas.

We spent most of our time together making things. Anita would sit creating clothes for the band on her sewing machine, or drawing her merciless portraits, or writing songs (such wonderful lyrics!) or painting her strange, subversive pictures. She was a beautiful ideas machine, but without an ounce of ambition; a force of nature, who thought the best ideas were those that never saw the light of day. She was chaos incarnate — and we all ran around collecting up the art she left in a trail behind her.

This is a painting Anita did of a crucified kewpie doll in 1986. I found it years ago screwed up in the back of a cupboard at my mother’s house. It is a classic Anita Lane painting — innocent and childlike but with typically problematic subject matter — executed quickly, screwed up and tossed away. I am happy to have resurrected it.´

- Nick Cave

Size: 40 cm x 50 cm
Print: Exlusive off-set print by Narayana Press
Paper: Hahnemühle, uncoated art print paper, 300gsm

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